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Giant Gal* Belt

Giant Gal* Belt

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  • The bigger the belt, the badder the gal  >ᴗ<
  • Over a year in the making, our giant gal* belt is the biggest and baddest waist chain belt on the market.
  • Every charm is lovingly hand crafted and our very own: (1) Gal* Logo, (2) Gal Bow, (3) Gal Star, (4) Gal Heart, (5) Gal Love Heart, (6) Gal Circle Links, and (7) Gal's Guardian Angel - Hoshi! 
  • Our belt is fully adjustable so you can freely increase or decrease the size up to the length of the belt.
  • Our belt is entirely stainless steel, live your best life in your giant gal* belt!!! 
  • NOTE: All belt drops starting from 11/2/23 will feature a magenta Hoshi color way
  • Please read and agree to the Shiny Finish Disclaimer below before purchasing!! 
  • Our sizing is based on the full length of the belt
  • There are two sizes: (1) 35 inch, and (2) 55 inch
  • Sizing Tip: Take a measuring tape and measure around the area you want the belt to sit. Add an inch or two for comfort. Choose the belt size that falls within that measurement.
  • 100% Stainless Steel Real 18K Gold Plated Zircon Stones
Shiny Finish Disclaimer
  • The finish of this belt is SHINY! Due to the nature of shiny finishes, it is easier to scratch the belt whether it be during transportation or wear. 
  • To reduce scratches during transportation, each charm is covered in protective film and the belt is entirely bubble/foam wrapped.
  • Please do not purchase if this will be an issue, scratches will not be a valid reason for order exchange/refund/cancellation! 
  • The color of the product may vary with what shows on the computer screen. Please refer to the reference photos on our social media to see more photos of the color of the product. 
  • This product is hand crafted so there may be slight variations. 
  • Satin Hello Angel Girl Crown Bag (while supplies last) 
All Sales Are Final

All sales are final for this product!

This product is eligible for size exchanges in accordance to our FAQ.

Please read our FAQ Page for more details.

Coord Inspiration   
  • Want two best friends? Add a MewMew - Raccoon or Cross Fox - for extra fun! 
  • Attach a Hello Angel Girl Original Character Stash Bag - Hoshi and Moshi - for added kawaii and utility


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